Our Story

TooManyFlowers was started by Elisabeth Fleming in 2011. She gave up a career in Marketing to pursue her love for flowers, which began when she was a young girl, helping her mother in the garden and learning all the names of various garden flowers. Since then she has not looked back. She now creates beautiful tailor-made flowers arrangements in West London and the surrounding areas.

TooManyFlowers is now one of the leading Event Florists in London, specializing in beautiful flower arrangements for a variety of events, weddings, and contracts. With 6 years of experience providing flowers for events and weddings in London, you can be confident in trusting our knowledge when it comes to flowers for events and weddings. Our style is all about texture and visual impact. We love eclectic combinations of colours and blooms that nature put together all by itself. We are also obsessed with the detail and finishing touches, you can be sure TooManyFlowers will create something spectacular and unique for your event.

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Elisabeth Fleming

Born in Colombia, Elisabeth grew up surrounded by colours, sunshine, and beautiful flowers. Her vibrant personality allows her to express herself through the stunning flower arrangements and installations she creates. Having lived in London for half of her life, Elisabeth combines the poise and elegance of the British culture with the spontaneity and passion of her Colombian roots. She has become the Creative Director and Florist at the prestigious Tramp, a Mayfair private members club, for the past 12 years. 


Elisabeth is based in Fulham, where she happily lives with her husband and two kids.  She is able to bring her creativity and spontaneity in all the pieces of art she creates with flowers. As she says, ‘there is no such thing as too many…"